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Services :: Manavarai And Mandaps

A traditional mandap used in an Indian wedding, is a lasting impression of beauty with magnificently designed floral arrangements in vibrant colors adorning it. However, attending to details from conception to final execution is critical to ensure the wedding is a surreal. The South Asian wedding designs range from traditional to modern with flair and precision that creatively intertwines elegance, style and sophistication into awe inspiring innovative designs which in turn reflect both contemporary and traditional sensibilities.

The mandap or the wedding canopy is essential as it is the place where the wedding ceremony is conducted. It is a canopy that is supported by four pillars and poses as the stage for the wedding function. The mandap is mainly decorated in a traditional way and reflects the theme of the marriage. Traditionally at the mandap, two banana trees are planted and a large alpana is made with rice paste. The mandap is usually decorated with fresh flowers, flashy lights, colorful personal adornment, and other items for the event. As a sign of prosperity, the mandap is traditionally adorned in red and gold. Drapes are a good option to explore, as using them strategically would accentuate the look of the mandap.

The mandap is generally set on a carpeted floor with a few chairs. The pillars of the mandap portray the vital role that the parents of both the bride and groom have played, in bringing up their children and guiding them in time of need and despair. The wedding ceremony takes place in front of the sacred fire placed in the center of the mandap, which is a witness to the couple’s union. For safety, the fire can be small and confined to a brazier or dish.

After the bride and groom exchange garlands, the parents of the bride, the bride, the groom and the priest sit in the mandap, while the rest of the family members sit around the canopy. Subsequently, all the rites and rituals of the wedding are performed in the mandap.The need to choose a wedding mandap based on a particular theme that blends with the wedding theme has become essential in the present times. There are many modern decoration trends evolving and the need for a uniquely decorative mandap has increased throughout the generations. 


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